Regional Spotlight: A-G Associates

A-G Associates works with the US Department of Housing and Urban Development, Army Medical Command, HRSA, FDIC, the CDC and many others.

We recently sat down with co-founder Chris Gonzalez to learn more about A-G Associates.Gonzalez_Chris photo

EAGB: Tell us about A-G Associates.

AG: A-G Associates is a service disabled veteran-owned small business that looks to work with our clients to help them create a strategic vision, then manage all the moving parts that will ultimately help them achieve that vision. We do a good bit of work with the Federal Government, but enjoy working with private sector companies as well. Our goal is to really create a partnership with our clients to help create an organization that has a clear strategic direction, empowered personnel who feel confident about performing their job, resources that are utilized efficiently, strong relationships where people feel good about embracing conflict in a healthy way, and the proper mechanisms for communicating and evaluating outcomes.

EAGB: Where did the idea for A-G Associates come from?

AG: My business partner, Peg Anthony, is also my mother. She had worked for some large consulting firms and helped them to grow their business practices. She decided that she was tired of making money for other people and wanted to go into business for herself. I was an 8th Grade Social Studies teacher and did a good bit of work with behavior change in 8th Graders. I also had a good bit of training and leadership development experience with the Marine Corps. When she started talking about us partnering to start our own company, I thought she was crazy, but 8 years later we’re doing pretty well. Her last name is Anthony, mine is Gonzalez, so A-G Associates had a nice ring.

EAGB: Why did you choose to locate your business in Anne Arundel Co?

AG: We needed a place that is convenient to Baltimore (where I live), the Washington DC/Metro area, and my mother’s house in Edgewater. We found an office building that had Executive Suites right by Annapolis Mall and it just worked out. I’m also a graduate of Arundel High so I know AA County pretty well.

EAGB: You work with local youth as a football coach and work with veterans- tell us about that.

AG: When I was a kid, both of my parents made sure that my sister and I thought about people less fortunate than ourselves. When I left teaching, I felt a pretty big void with not being able to have a positive impact on young people, so when the opportunity to coach came along, I took it. Most likely I won’t be able to coach this year because of time commitments, but I still talk to some of the players, my former students, and several other young people I know. I enjoy helping them talk through tough decisions and look at them from multiple angles.

The Veteran Community has always been important to me. I’ve been to some of the worst places in the world in Iraq and Afghanistan and am fortunate to make it back with my life, limbs, and sanity. Because of that, I feel very lucky but also feel a sense of duty to help those who were not so fortunate. I also see a big problem with many military personnel coming out of the service ill-prepared for civilian employment. I enjoy helping those guys talk through the things that they might want to do and create a path for success since many times military service isn’t the only thing that qualifies them for jobs.


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