Regional Spotlight: Protenus


Protenus was part of the 2014 DreamIt Health cohort and recently they completed a $4million Series A funding round. In partnership with BHI and Johns Hopkins University, the Economic Alliance was a catalyst for forming the first health technology accelerator program, DreamIt Health in Baltimore.

We sat down with co-founders Robert Lord and Nick Culbertson to learn more about their company and why they chose Baltimore to grow it.

EAGB: Tell us about Protenus.

P: At Protenus, we’re working to create trust in electronic medical record systems by setting a new standard for patient privacy.  We focus on detecting, analyzing and reporting insider threats to patient data, ranging from individuals who snoop on VIPs and co-workers to persistent internal threats like organized crime.  We do this by combining bleeding-edge data science with on-the-ground compliance and security know-how. We’ve assembled a world-class team of data scientists, big data engineers, designers, and seasoned operators to tackle the huge problem of ensuring trust in healthcare.

EAGB: You were part of the 2014 DreamIt Health cohort- share how that program supported the growth of Protenus.

P: The culture of innovation at Johns Hopkins and the mission-driven approach of our DreamIt Health advisors and mentors are really hard-coded into the DNA of the company we are today. DreamIt Health provided us with a ready-made network of partners, mentors and alumni that super-charged our growth.

EAGB:  Why did you choose Baltimore to launch your company?

P: Fundamentally there isn’t a better place to grow Protenus than Baltimore, given our ties to Johns Hopkins and the entrepreneurial spirit taking root all over the City. The Baltimore region offers us a deep talent pool and is home to forward-looking leadership in health IT and cybersecurity, in both the business community and the public sector.

EAGB: You recently completed a Series A round – what is your vision for the firm?

P: Today, only a few hospitals are using Big Data to address patient privacy. Our vision is to create a new standard for protecting patient privacy in every hospital  in the U.S. and to bring more transparency and trust to healthcare overall. We plan to grow and thrive in this ecosystem, both bringing great talent into the city, as well as pulling from the impressive pool that already exists.

Click here to learn more about the region’s BioHealth industry.

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