Our Publications

The Economic Alliance of Greater Baltimore regularly publishes content that highlights key industries, provides critical tracking content and informs readers about special topics in the region. Click on a publication below to download.


We regularly produce studies, reports and white papers on a variety of important and topical issues regarding the regional economy. Click on the link to download the report.

  • Central Maryland BioHealth Innovation Index: A 2016 Index that benchmarks Greater Baltimore and Central Maryland among the eight major BioHealth innovation hubs in the United States. This report identifies strengths and opportunities that the region can capitalize on for continued economic growth.
  • Cyber Security in Greater Baltimore and Maryland: A 2014 State of the Market Report. This report updates and expands on the information published in the 2013 State of the Market Report in an attempt to understand the Cyber Security industry's importance and continued growth in the region and State.
  • Innovation Brief: An overview of innovation in the Greater Baltimore region, including the importance of innovation, needs for continued innovation, and areas of focus to enhance regional innovation.
  • Economic Impact of Baltimore Gas and Electric Company: A study conducted by the Economic Alliance of Greater Baltimore Foundation (EAGB) to estimate Baltimore Gas and Electric’s (BGE) economic contributions to the region in 2013 found that its activities support more than 2% of the total economic output generated by the BGE service area.
  • 3D Printing: The Future of Manufacturing in Greater Baltimore. This report seeks to highlight Greater Baltimore as a premier hub for the development of new 3D printing applications.
  • Investment Roundup: 2012-2013 Q2. An overview of trends in venture capital investment and funding raises that highlights major capital investments in Greater Baltimore companies over the last six quarters.
  • Cyber Security in Greater Baltimore: A 2013 State of the Market Report. This report aims to determine the Baltimore-Washington corridor's place in the increasingly important Cyber Security market and understand how the capacity and assets of the region compare nationally.
  • Education Technology in Greater Baltimore: A 2013 Market Capacity Report. This report aims to determine Greater Baltimore's place in the developing and growing EdTech industry and understand how the assets of the region may complement one another to make Baltimore the center of EdTech.
  • BioHealth in Greater Baltimore: A 2013 State of the Market Report. This report aims to determine Greater Baltimore’s place in the Baltimore-Washington evolving BioHealth market and understand how the capacity and assets of this region compare nationally. The State of the BioHealth Market Report has been updated to include Cecil County employment data.
  • Accelerating University Talent Development and Research & Development Partnerships at Aberdeen Proving Ground (APG): EAGB commissioned Battelle to explore the unique needs of APG to ensure its continued growth and success and provide recommendations to resolve areas of need.
  • Port of Baltimore Economic Impact Study: EAGB commissioned the Regional Economic Studies Institute of Towson University to perform an economic impact analysis on the economic and fiscal impacts of the Panama Canal expansion on the Port of Baltimore.
  • Information Technology in Greater Baltimore: A 2012 State of the Market Report. The purpose of this report is to understand how Greater Baltimore is positioned to compete and grow in the evolving market.

Industry Profiles

Our industry profiles are one-page briefs that provide an overview of key industries in Greater Baltimore. We will continue to update and add new profiles as the economy changes.

Annual Regional Report

The Economic Alliance compares Greater Baltimore to the average of all US metro areas as well as the national average. The Regional Report aims to measure the region's standing based on several year-end indicators and quality-of-life metrics.
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Quarterly Economic Updates

The Economic Alliance benchmarks Greater Baltimore against the 25 largest metro areas in the US to show Baltimore’s national standing in several economic indicators. The indicators include population and growth, unemployment rate, employment growth, industry growth and concentration, per capita income, foreclosure rates and median home prices.
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Presentations & Media

  • Greater Baltimore Colleges and Universities: EAGB generated a one-page celebration of the successes and outreach of its higher education partners in Greater Baltimore. Read more about the region's colleges and universities here.
  • San Diego Executive Mission Debrief: EAGB provides an overview of topics discussed, companies visited and key connections and resources established as well as takeaways and next steps from a mission to San Diego.
  • Port of Baltimore Report: The Greater Baltimore Committee and The Daily Record collaborated to produce this special publication on the Port of Baltimore that includes a 2013 outlook and a variety of statistics that describe the Port's 2012 activity.
  • Silicon Valley Executive Mission Debrief: EAGB provides a short synopsis of the overview and key takeaways from a mission to Silicon Valley.