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2018 in Review

With 2019 fast approaching, we thought we’d take a look back and recognize that 2018 was a busy year for EAGB and the Greater Baltimore region. EAGB interviewed, wrote about, and broadcast projects and developments within thriving industries that have set this region apart and contributed to Baltimore’s stead growth and success.

Greater Baltimore is home to more of the best universities, forward-thinking innovators, and the highest concentration of cyber-related degree-holders than any other region in the country. This, coupled with Baltimore’s premier location on the East Coast, brought continued industry growth and the continued development of large-scale, nationally recognized projects.

Earlier this year, EAGB staff and board members spent a day touring Cecil County, Maryland, to get a firm grasp on how much innovation is going on in both the manufacturing and biohealth industries. Time and time again we saw evidence of how proximity to quality universities and a capable and talented workforce were the driving forces behind the planting and expanding of businesses in the region.

“Nearly everyone in our company has been educated in the state of Maryland,” said Mark Mortensen, Chief Science Officer of Clene Nanomedicine. “The original inventors of our novel process and product(s) are all residents of Cecil or neighboring counties. I believe there is a workforce that exists here that can be trained as we grow.”

And as regional companies grew, so did the industry numbers. Professional, scientific, and technical related degrees accounted for 23% of degrees conferred in Greater Baltimore this past year. Of those conferred, computer & information science degrees ranked as the 2nd highest.

Baltimore’s reputation for high-paying jobs and opportunity within the technology and cyber sectors continues to grow. Earlier this year, government officials and business executives announced the development of “Cyber Town, USA” in Port Covington. The development project is slated to house both Baltimore-based and international cyber companies looking for proximity to other major cities on the 95 corridor and access to a talented workforce.

Once a manufacturing capital, Baltimore’s reputation hasn’t diminished over time, but rather has modernized to support the current economic landscape.

The idea to create more technical and innovative work permeates the region and it’s a goal for another massive redevelopment project—Tradepoint Atlantic.

Aaron Tomarchio, Tradepoint Atlantic’s Senior Vice President, touched on the company’s desire to create innovative opportunities on a site that has a rich history of manufacturing. Since Tradepoint’s acquisition of Sparrows Point in 2014, the ongoing construction and development is turning the property into a 21st century-compatible global logistics hub.

“A site like this is a global site,” said Tomarchio. “We are marketing Baltimore, the region, and Maryland to many international companies.”

Ensuring that Baltimore remains a globally competitive powerhouse has been a goal that we are beginning to see come to fruition. A few months ago, the London Standard dubbed Baltimore the coolest city on the East Coast, after experiencing one of the largest millennial booms in America.

That boom has been instrumental to the regional success and the diversification of the economy. And as Maryland’s Commerce Secretary, Mike Gill, said earlier this year: “We see the cultural aspects of Maryland, and specifically Baltimore, as a significant part of the economic development story that we tell.”

It’s an ongoing story, though one that is heading towards the kind of happy ending that Baltimore has both envisioned and made a reality time and time again.

Michele Whelley - President & CEO

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Michele Whelley
President & CEO

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