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2020: The End…and the Beginning

2020 Year in Review

ROP DEC 2020 NEWSLETTERAs we close out 2020, we look back at the year that surprised us all. EAGB's 2020 work plan included a robust menu of activities that would continue to elevate Greater Baltimore as an economically asset-rich Region and a location of choice for businesses, talent and investment. The pandemic hit two months into implementing elements of the plan and without warning, much like any business, we pivoted. While some activities were put on hold indefinitely, other opportunities surfaced – especially for a region as economically diverse and well-positioned as Greater Baltimore.

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EAGB SPECIAL REPORT: Greater Baltimore Fights COVID-19     The dual health and economic challenges posed by COVID-19 brought business to a standstill in many places; however, Greater Baltimore’s industries faced these challenges head on. Learn how the pandemic has highlighted Greater Baltimore's diverse, resilient economy, with booming demand for the Region's e-commerce, digital health, manufacturing, and cybersecurity businesses.

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#ICYMI December 2020: News From Across the Region

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