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A Few Words from EAGB

As we close 2018, the Economic Alliance would like to thank our committed board of directors, strategic partners and regional friends who continue to elevate Greater Baltimore's story and reputation. As the only economic development organization for the region, we are honored to have elected officials represent their jurisdictions on our board. From the Governor to County Executives, we value having the government voice, leadership and support of our mission.

We want to give a special thanks to Allan Kittleman (Howard County), Don Mohler (Baltimore County), and Steven Schuh (Anne Arundel County) for their dedication to EAGB's mission, and their ongoing commitment to Greater Baltimore's success. We look forward to continuing our partnerships with them as we all continue our work in strengthening Baltimore’s economy and narrative.

We also share our heartfelt condolences again for the loss earlier this year of our long-standing partner and dedicated public servant, Kevin Kamenetz (Baltimore County). He worked tirelessly for the residents of Baltimore County and the interest of all Marylanders. He was a friend, partner, and advocate of the Alliance and we appreciate his service to our region.

We would also like to welcome our new directors who are eager to advance the conversation and push the region forward. It is our honor to have the following directors join our board in 2018: Karen Cherry (Howard Hughes), Chris Bolton (Bolton), Steuart Pittman (Anne Arundel County), Johnny Olszewski Jr. (Baltimore County), and Calvin Ball (Howard County). We look forward to your leadership in our mission and on behalf of the Greater Baltimore region.

The Economic Alliance places great value on the importance of collaborating and working strategically towards common goals for the region. Our work is your work and we do not do this alone. As we look towards 2019 and the future of Greater Baltimore, we look to strengthening our partnerships and to listening to the region’s unique voices—the diverse experiences and perspectives—of partners new and old, to contribute to our region’s narrative and to continue sharing it with the world.

Michele Whelley - President & CEO

"We want you to be informed about Greater Baltimore. Don't be shy; please ask."

Michele Whelley
President & CEO

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